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The Amazing Story Of Bonga.

42 Illustrations and designs for a children’s book on African adventure written by the great Danish-Malian musician Moussa Diallo.

Set in a distant time in South Africa, this magical story

recounts the adventures of a young hero named Bonga, who sets out alone to rescue the protector of King Xolo's village – Thulani Child of Heaven – and to restore peace and harmony to the beautiful valley, which is being threatened by the evil sorcerer Bachaka.

Along his dangerous path, many insects, animals and mythical creatures come to Bonga's aid, recognizing his efforts on behalf of all, and acknowledging the help many have received in the past from his twin sister, the healer Binga.

Bonga's journey takes him through deep valleys to high mountain tops, through arid bush and deep forests, across vast plains and oceans, to wandering islands and underwater kingdoms. The marvels of creation, interwoven with Moussa Diallo's powerful imagination, paint a wondrous picture, while conveying the value of preserving the beauty and majesty that surround us.

During his adventures to rescue Thulani Child of Heaven and King Xolo's threatened village, Bonga encounters hate, jealousy and revenge; but, in the end, it is trust, friendship and love that will conquer all.

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