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Danish motorcycles

The Nimbus is a Danish motorcycle produced from 1919 to 1960 by Fisker and Nielsen of Copenhagen, Denmark. Two basic models were produced, both equipped with a 750 cc four-cylinder engine.

The first Nimbus motorcycle "Stove Pipe" was equipped with an in-line four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 746 cc. Disappointed by poor sales, Fisker began competing in the Stovepipe in every race he could. The "Stovepipe" was technically improved over time, mainly in the details. However, the introduction of a sales tax on motorcycles in 1924 and an economic recession led to production ceasing from 1926 after 1,300 machines had been produced.

With his son Anders, Fisker began designing a new machine in 1932 and in 1934 they introduced a new Nimbus motorcycle, the Type C. Its distinctive buzzing exhaust note earned it the nickname Humlebien ("Bumblebee" ). The first customer received his Type C in the summer of 1934 and thanks to an efficient dealer network, the Bumblebee quickly became the best-selling motorcycle in Denmark. The Danish Post, Army and Police purchased significant numbers of this model. Many details of the "Bumblebee" were changed over its lifespan until production ceased in 1959. The Nimbus has now achieved almost iconic status, not only in Denmark but also abroad.

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