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Copenhagen Bikes

People of Copenhagen have been cycling for 100 years.

Bicycles solve a significant proportion of passenger transport in Copenhagen and are far from reserved for sports, play and exercise. The explanation is that most targets in Copenhagen can be reached within a radius of 10 km. The city is mostly flat, and then learn the city for the worst western wind. The cyclists are impossible to overlook in the street scene. The City Hall also recognizes the importance of the bicycle for public health, for the city's environment and for climate and energy policy, and the cyclists' terms concern both city planners and politicians. Children learn to cycle before they learn to read. Everybody can ride a bike, and the majority have consciously or unconsciously an attitude to which bike, reflecting their personality and needs. Copenhagen bikes generally serve many purposes. Manufactures and models vary over time, but some stand the distance year after year and have become classics in Copenhagen cityscape. Bodil Markussen Holm

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